MDVIP Affiliated Practice

In our MDVIP-affiliated practice, we will have the resources and more time to spend with each patient to create a personalized healthcare plan focusing on your medical wellness. In addition, this style of practice will allow extra time spent to develop close relationships with our patients in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where the patient benefits from our compassion, education, and relentless pursuit to provide the most optimal care possible.
By becoming a member of MDVIP you gain access to our Annual Wellness Program which provides preventative services,
which includes advanced screenings and tests.

By joining our practice and becoming a member of MDVIP, you will gain access to all of the services our practice has to offer. We are focused on spending time getting to know each one of our patient’s to make sure they are receiving the best quality of care.

Reach Dr. Halper 24/7

In office flu testing

On time, unhurried, same-day or next-day Visits

In office blood tests

Program compatible with most HSA and FSA plans

Inegrated genetic solutions

Family plan for members with children between 10-26

Hereditary cancer testing

Annual wellness program with ongoing coaching

In office HgA1C

Travel advantages

In office cholesterol

Hormone therapy

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Weight loss program

Holter monitor set up

Flu shots