What issues does workers’ compensation cover?

You expect workers’ compensation to cover accidents and injuries that occur due to machines, driving company vehicles, or falls at the workplace. Workers’ compensation can also cover the following.

  • Heart attacks caused by work stress
  • Eye issues resulting from workplace airborne irritants
  • Hernias and back pain caused by lifting heavy objects
  • Carpal tunnel resulting from poor ergonomics
  • Hearing loss that occurs due to exposure to loud noises over a long period of time

Any health condition you feel has been caused due to your work conditions should be brought to the attention of your human resources and workers’ compensation department. They can refer you to Halper Family Medicine for evaluation.

What benefits fall under workers’ compensation?

The benefits you receive match your injury and needs. If you miss work due to a work injury, you’re compensated with lost wages and for the medical care costs related to your injury. Other benefits you might get include compensation if your injury makes it so you’re unable to work or can only do a job that has a lower pay scale.

In some cases, workers’ compensation pays for job retraining if you need to move to a new job due to your injury. Workers’ compensation can also cover hearing aids, contacts, glasses, or prosthetics, if necessary.

You might also receive benefits from workers’ compensation that include:

  • All prescriptions required for treatment of your workplace injury or illness
  • Medical bills associated with your injury or illness
  • Transportation to and from your medical treatment

Your human resources department will offer a complete scale of benefits once the doctors at Halper Family Medicine have diagnosed your injury and confirmed that it’s due to your work environment.

Should I seek medical care even if my injury does not seem serious?

If you experience an injury at work, even a seemingly minor one, it’s important to be evaluated by medical staff as soon as possible. Your employer chooses the practice for your initial diagnosis; after this, you choose your practice from an approved list.

Refusing treatment or failing to report your accident or illness in a timely manner means you may lose your right to claim workers’ compensation benefits – even if your condition worsens.

Feel confident in Halper Family Medicine and the staff’s ability to address your workers’ compensation claim. Call the office or book online.