What are the DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate requirements?

Federal regulations require that every commercial learner permit (CLP) holder or driver license (CDL) holder must certify to the type of commercial driving they currently perform (or expect to perform).

  • These requirements will affect all drivers who have, or apply for a commercial driver license (CDL)
  • A US DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate will be required for some types of driving and must be submitted to DMV before your current certification expires
  • You will lose your commercial driving privileges if you do not comply

The DMV will send CDL/CLP holders a “Notice of Non-Compliance and License Downgrade” if their medical certification status becomes “Not Certified.” Once we send the notification, DMV will cancel the CDL/CLP if the CDL/CLP holder does not submit an updated Medical Examiners Certificate (MCSA-5876) within 55 days.

We can send employers a notification of these status changes if they subscribe to the NY State License Event Notification Service (LENS). We will send passenger carriers enrolled in the 19-A system notifications of CLP cancellation events.

Why do I have to self certify?

New federal regulations require all commercial drivers to certify to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the type of driving they perform or expect to perform. Drivers that self-certify to a non-excepted driving type (NA or NI) are also required to submit a copy of their US DOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate. This is a nationwide safety initiative that affects commercial driver in all states.

Certifications & Driving Types

If you have a commercial driver license of Class A, B or C o ar CDL permit issued by the NY State DMV you must certify the type of driving you do anytime you perform a license transaction (other than an address change, or duplicate license). You must also keep a current US DOT Medical Examiners Certificate on file with DMV if you self-certify to a Non-Excepted Driving type (NA or NI).